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IVA Advice & Information

What is an IVA?

An IVA is a Debt Solution based on government legislation.
If you are struggling with your debt repayments you can use an IVA to get your creditors to accept a plan you can afford.
Under this government initiative you need to show that you cannot afford your debts.
This is done by showing that your monthly living costs and debts are more than your monthly income.


The best thing about an IVA

After making the agreed IVA payments, any remaining debt included in the plan is legally written off.


Do you qualify for an IVA?


      •       Debts over £15,000
      •       2 or more different creditors
      •       Able to offer at least £150 per month

The best way to find out if you are eligible for an IVA is to speak to our debt advisors.

We know what your creditors will and will not accept in terms of an IVA proposal.

What can do for you? can setup your IVA and manage all aspects of your IVA repayment plan for you.

Creditors will have to deal directly with us in relation to all your debts.

We will collect your payments and distribute them to your creditors in accordance with your plan.

Call and start your debt plan today also offer a number of other debt solutions so why not get in touch.

About is owned and operated by McCambridge Duffy; one of the UK's best known Insolvency Practices.

We have been established since 1932 and over the years have advised 1000s of people on their debts.

If you are considering an IVA you have to use an Insolvency Practitioner to setup and manage your case for you.

We have 5 full time Insolvency Pracititioners who are very highly regulated by the Institute of Chartered
Accountants in England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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