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Relaxation Tips

  • Breathing Techniques
    Learning some simple breathing exercises can be quick and easy method of reducing stress and anxiety. Try the breathing techniques described in the following websites:
    Pegasus NLP Mind-Body Health Site and Helpguide.org
  • Meditation
    Meditation has been used for thousands of years to aid relaxation and attain a peaceful state of mind. There are many different techniques and teachings but the basic principles are mostly the same and are easy to grasp with a little practice. www.learningmeditation.com is a good website for anyone interested in using/learning meditation techniques.
  • Nutrition
    A healthy balanced diet is essential to the upkeep of our general wellbeing. To function at our optimum level me need to feed our mind, body and soul. Food is one of the few simple pleasures and should be enjoyed and indulged! See our tips on Healthy Eating on a Budget or for more general information go to the British Nutrition Foundation site, or for advice on Vegetarian dietary requirements go to The Vegetarian Society website.
  • Bachs Rescue Remedy
    Bach Rescue Remedy is one of the Bach Natural Flower Remedies created to help restore inner calm and deal with stress and anxiety. There are various products in the range including one to aid sleep. Their website also has some general information on stress and sleep.
  • Exercise
    Along with many other well documented health benefits, exercise is proven to be extremely beneficial in relieving stress. Before embarking on any exercise regime it is advisable to check with your doctor.  See BBC Health for some suggested exercises.
  • Communication
    A problem shared is a problem halved may be a cliché but is, more often than not, true! Talking through problems with friends or family can be hugely beneficial. Communicating with others with similar problems is also recommended and can relieve feelings of isolation. Blogsites and Forums are an easily accessible way to do this.
  • Sleep
    A good nights sleep can have hugely restorative effects on body and mind. The opposite is also true in that lack of sleep, especially over a prolonged period, can have a devastating effect on our ability to function physically and mentally. The BBC website has a great page with advice and tips on getting a good nights sleep.


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