Debt & Finance Calculators


Smoking Calculator

The Cost of Smoking

Apart from the obvious health issues, your smoking habit can seriously dent your wallet. Find out by how much with this tool ..

Credit Card Calculator

The True Cost of Credit Cards

Your Credit Cards could take far longer to pay off than you realise. By increasing your monthly payments slightly, you could clear your debts much faster than you might think.

Household Budget Calculator

Household Budget Calculator

Use this budget calculator to see where your money is going each month. Once you have a summary of your outgoings it should be easier to see where you can save a few pounds.

Car Costs Calculator

Car Running Costs

Your car probably costs you more than you think. This calculator will take into account variables such as fuel, maintenance costs and taxes to five you the full picture.

Treat Defeat

The True Cost of Treating Yourself

Extravagance, treats and random acts of indulgence soon add up. This calculator will show you what you could save, if only you could stop yourself.. and put your money into a savings plan instead.

Loan Calculator

Calculate your Monthly Loan Repayments

Thinking of taking out a Loan ? This calculator will compare different interest rates to show you how much interest you will end up paying, and how this would decrease as your loan term increases.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Calculate your Mortgage Payments

These calculators will show how much a specified mortgage will cost you, or how much you could borrow according to your preferred monthly commitment.