Visitor's Questions

At we are constantly asked all manner of debt related questions. We post the information contained in our replies here to help all visitors to the site. Please check back often for regular updates and answers to your questions.


Can I make token IVA payments ?
Can I get a mortgage or a remortgage if I'm in an IVA ?
How can you Fail an IVA ?
How can I improve my credit rating after an IVA ?
How does an IVA early settlement work ?
How do I choose a bank account before I get an IVA ?
How does an IVA work ?
How Does Debt Consolidation Work ?
What happens if I cannot meet my IVA repayments ?
What are the costs associated with an IVA ?
What happens if I get a financial windfall during my IVA ?
What does IVA stand for ?
What is a full & final IVA ?
What living expenses are claimed on an IVA ?
How long will an IVA remain on my credit rating ?
What is a simple IVA ?


What Is Bankruptcy ?
What are the implications of declaring yourself bankrupt ?
How do I file for Bankruptcy ?
What assets can be taken in Bankruptcy ?

Can my Bankruptcy be cancelled ?
What are the alternatives to Bankruptcy ?
What is the difference between Bankruptcy and Insolvency ?
What happens after Bankruptcy ?
What happens to my home during Bankruptcy ?

General Debt

What Is Debt ?
What is Bad Debt ?
How do you get into Debt ?
How do you beat Debt Collectors ?
How do you get Out of Debt ?
Do I have to let the Bailiffs into my home ?
Do I have to tell my partner about my IVA or Bankruptcy ?
How do you remove a CCJ ?
What happens if you do not pay my Credit Card Debt ?
What are the different type of Mortgage available ?
What is a Protected Trust Deed ?
How Do You Stop Bank Charges ?
How Do You negotiate with Debt Collectors ?
How Do I fight car Repossession ?
How Do I make a Budget ?
How Do I get a free Credit Report ?
How Do I read a Credit Report ?
How Do I Report Creditor Harassment ?
What is The Limitation Act ?