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How Do I Report Creditor Harassment ?

If you fail to meet your repayments then your creditors will be allowed to contact you and ask for their money. They will be allowed to contact you at work but not to discuss the matter with your colleagues. They may also come to your home but you do not have to let them in and would be advised not to do so. Should they repeatedly call you or call at unsociable hours then this can count as harassment and is not acceptable.

What they cannot do ;

They are not allowed under any circumstances to threaten you so make sure that you know your rights and keep them in check. They will not be allowed to talk about your debts with any of your friends or neighbours or to cause you embarrassment. They may sometimes threaten you with action that they do not have the power to do and this can include giving the illusion or saying that they are allowed to visit your home and remove goods to cover the debt. You will generally find that your creditors will threaten you with debt collectors, bailiffs and taking you to Court. This is often done to try to scare you into paying up.

What you should do ;
You should try to work exactly what you can afford to pay and offer a full and final settlement. In the first instance you should contact the company themselves and explain that you are being harassed, that you know your rights and will report them if this continues. However if they continue to hassle you then you are advised to report their actions.

This should be hopefully be the end of the situation but if they continue to harass you then you should report them to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and your local Trading Standards office. If you are still unsure of what constitutes harassment then the OFT will be able to provide you with a document listing the way in which a debt collection agency should act. Remember that you do not and should not have to put up with harassment and any company that does not stick to the guidelines risks having their licence removed.