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How Do You Negotiate With Debt Collectors ?

If you have debt collectors visit your home then it is important that you stay calm and try to negotiate as best you can with them. Although this may seem daunting it is often the best way to handle the situation.

You may decide to offer a full and final settlement which is normally the most advisable way to settle the debt.

Full and Final Settlements ;
A full and final settlement is where you ask your creditors to let you pay a lump sum. This will generally be an offer of less than the full amount that you owe and is on the basis that the creditors write off the remaining debt. Often this will be a possible option due to a friend or family member being able to provide this lump sum of money. This can be the best solution all round if you are unlikely to be able to pay the debt off in full to your creditors. You should make sure that they are aware that this is the best offer you can make.

In many cases you will have more than one debt and will therefore have to divide the total amount that you have available between all the creditors. The best way to do this is to split the money so that the one you owe the most to will receive the largest amount and so on.
In order to do this you should work out the amount you owe each creditor and then send each an offer for your full and final settlement. You may find that in some cases one or more of the creditors may decline but it is sometimes worth making your offer again. Make sure that you explain your situation and that this is the best offer you can make. Whenever you make a payment it is important to remember to obtain a proof of payment.