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Can I get a mortgage or remortgage if I'm in an IVA ?

If you are in an IVA then the good news is that you can still take out a mortgage or a remortgage. There will of course be areas that you should obtain professional help and guidance and you will need to discuss this with your Insolvency Practitioner.


It is advisable to seek the advice of a mortgage advisor who specialises in adverse credit. It is worth bearing in mind that the mortgage products and rates available to you will also be based on your circumstances. Remember that you will be unlikely to obtain a mortgage if your IVA has failed.

When you decide to obtain a mortgage you should remember that you will be required to put down a deposit and pay certain fees such as stamp duty and the solicitor's fees. Should you be able to borrow or be given money from family or friends then this person should consider protecting their money from creditors, through a Deed of Trust.

Please note that, if during the time of your IVA, you do buy a property then the property is likely to increase in value and your creditors will want some of the equity if your debt is not repaid in full by the end of the IVA.


Remortgaging is not uncommon and will be agreed if it means that you can pay off all of, or a large amount of your debt. You will need to discuss the plan with your Insolvency Practitioner as they may be concerned that you could end up having to reduce your IVA payments.

It is vital that you remember that missing a mortgage repayment means you risk repossession and failing your IVA. Should this occur then make sure you seek professional advice.

How do I go about obtaining a mortgage or remortgage during my IVA?

It is important that you speak to a specialist mortgage advisor who can provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision. They will be able to advise you of the products available to you and offer you advice. Make sure you select a mortgage broker that has the necessary experience in dealing with IVAs and adverse credit lending to make sure you obtain a suitable package.