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How Do I Get a Free Credit Report ?

When you apply for credit you will find that your lender will decide to do so based upon a credit score. This is the result of a number of different items of information including your application form and your credit report from one of the main credit agencies. They will then use this to decide how risky lending to you might be.

The information on your Credit Report ;
The information that is contained on your credit report will be based upon how well you have managed the credit that you have had. You will find that your credit report will be affected by any debt you have had and missed or late payments so it is important that you always meet repayments and deadlines.

How to get a free Credit Report ;
Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you will be able to obtain a hard copy of your credit file for a small handling fee and postage. This process can take around a week, however if you need to know quickly then this may not be the best option. You can also sign up to see your credit report online which will also require a small payment. However the benefit of this is that you will get more information and explanations than on the hard copy. In this case you can cancel your subscription once you have seen your report.

Should you be in a business as a partnership then you will be able to obtain a copy of your file under the Consumer Credit Act.
If you wish to see your credit files then you can contact one of the following companies:

Equifax: 0870 010 0583
Provides free credit reports, which help you understand your credit file. It lets you know how lenders decide whether or not to lend to you. They also provide expert tips to get you the credit that you need.

Experian: 0870 241 6212
They help people and organizations make sense of complex data by providing analytical and information services that enable people to reach informed financial and commercial decisions.

Callcredit: 0870 060 1414
Callcredit Information Group Credit Solutions enables organizations to make decisions throughout the customer management lifecycle by combining a clear understanding of the latest technology, innovative products and sophisticated, real-time data models.