Sample Offer Letter 

The following text could be used in a letter to send to your non-priority creditors when you want to make an offer to pay them back at lower rate than you currently owe. For more information about offer letters to your creditors please contact our free information service.


Creditor name
Address & postcode

Dear Sir or Madam:

RE: Account No __________

I recently sent you a letter, dated __________. This letter is to inform you that I am now able to make an offer to repay the above debt; or

This letter is to inform you that I am not able to maintain monthly payments at their current level because __________.

I have attached my financial statement, which lists my expenses and income and makes pro rata offers to my creditors. As you will see, I am currently only able to afford £ _____ per month for the debt I have accumulated with your company. I will be able to make my first payment on __________. I trust you will accept my offer and agree to suspend any interest or other charges provided I make these regular payments. I will keep you informed as to any changes that may take place with my current financial circumstances.

I thank you for you cooperation at this time and look forward to your response.

Yours truly,