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Success Stories

“Through a series of unfortunate events (and some financial miss management on my part!) I ended up £24,000 in debt before I was even hit 30. Thankfully a ‘friend of a friend’ pointed me in the direction of iva.net, and it was not long before I had started an IVA. I am now debt free and have learned a very hard but important lesson along the way. I also now have the financial and budgeting skills necessary to keep me out of unmanageable debt for the rest of my life!”

“My wife and I had run a relatively successful retail business for over 5 years and I also worked part time as a freelance journalist. We had a nice house, decent car, holidays twice a year and a passion for good food and fine wines. On the surface we looked like a successful, flourishing couple, and we were, for a while. We had always planned on starting a family as soon we felt the business and our finances were stable enough. So in 2003 we had our first child. Words can’t describe how happy we were; we felt we had it all! Unfortunately the takings in the shop started to drop. We were paying a full time manager in my wife’s absence, thinking that the trade off over child care made it a sound financial decision and we had always wanted to give our child full time care until she was old enough to go to school. But business was poor and to top it off I wasn’t getting as much freelance work as usual. Eventually we decided to remortgae the house and hoped it was just a dry spell that would pass. It didn’t and we started borrowing money to keep us afloat. Things just spiraled out of control and our financial situation became unmanageable. We looked in to various debt management solutions and eventually stumbled upon information about IVAs at iva.net. We decided that this might be our best option and contacted an IP. Our creditors accepted us and we have now been in our IVA for three and a half years. It has been tough and the luxuries have had to go. We lost the business but have kept the house and hope to finish the IVA early by releasing some equity. I am now employed full time and my wife is working part time in retail management. Having a child has made us reprioritize and we realize that we don’t need the holidays and fancy meals to be happy. We are looking forward to treating our daughter a bit more in the future but we have a very strict policy about not spoiling her. We don’t want her to grow up thinking that money and possessions equal happiness. All in all, the future is bright, and we feel lucky to have been given the chance to start over thanks to iva.net and the professionals who have guided us through the process.”

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