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Money Saving Tips : Budgeting

  • Freecycle is a fabulous world wide network made up of over 4500 individual groups and over six million members. The idea is that people in your area advertise stuff they no longer need/want and that they are happy to give away for free. You can also advertise if you are looking for something in particular. It’s free to sign up and easy to use, so give it a go, there really is nothing to lose!

  • There aren’t many things that you can’t buy on eBay these days! If you can invest a little time and effort there are great bargains to be found here. Many brands have ‘Ebay Stores’ where you will get products straight from the factory at greatly discounted prices. You can also use eBay to make money! Get rid of your unwanted DVDs, CDs, computer games, clothes etc by Selling on eBay.

  • Get energy saving advice and do your bit to save the environment by going to the WWF's energy saving page and the Energy Saving Trust.

  • The image of charity shops has changed/improved hugely in the last few decades. This is partly due to an increased demand for vintage clothing and the fashion industries regular foray in to retro chic.Whilst you may not come across an original designer garment, there are definitely many quality bargains to be found on the rails of your local charity store. They are also fantastic for books and sometimes have their own range of reasonably priced greating cards and gifts. Oxfam have a great range of gifts, homeware, edible goods etc. in many of their shops. These are also available online at www.oxfam.org.uk where you can now browse a huge selection of second hand clothing too.

    Handy tip: Target charity shops in wealthy areas, the pickings are often richer there!

  • For information on reducing your fuel usage – go to www.petrolnews.co.uk


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