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Relax! - you are not alone..

A quick glance at these figure will show that you are in no way alone in having debt issues...

    • By the end of January 2010 personal debt in the UK had risen to around £1,463 billion.

    • The average debt per household in the UK, not including mortgages, currently stands at around £8,939. If you include unsecured loans this increases more than 100% to almost £18,263.

    • Average debt including mortgages is just under £58,040 per household.

    • Average debt owed by the individual, including mortgage, is circa £30,306.

    • Average amount outstanding on mortgages is £111,474 per household.

    • Over the last 12 months interest repayments on personal debt were a jaw dropping £68.3 billion.

    • Each household pays an average of £2,710 just in interest on their debts.

    • The Citizens Advice Bureau deal with over 9,500 debt problems every day.

    • Average consumer borrowing via credit cards, finance, overdrafts and loans has risen to £4,667 per average adult in the UK by the end of January 2010.


    A Day in the life of UK Debt

    • 1 person enters into an IVA or becomes insolvent approximately every 3 1/2 minutes.
    • Almost 400 people in the UK will be declared either bankrupt or insolvent every day.
    • The average household debt in the UK will rise by over £0.43 today.
    • 1000 people are seeking some form of formal debt rescheduling every working day.
    • 126 properties were repossessed every day in the UK in 2009.
    • In the last three months leading up to December 2009 1,841 people reported being made redundant every day.
    • 21.9 million plastic card purchase transactions will be made today with a total value of £1.05 billion.
    • The UK Government will pay £81,530,000 in interest alone on the nations debt today.
    • The British public will withdraw over £530 milllion from cash machines today.