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Improve your terms by threatening to leave!

In many countries around the world bartering is a way of everyday life where everything has its price and services can be negotiated. However, in the UK many people seem wary or scared of trying to improve the terms of an agreement or the cost of an item or service. In basic terms if you do not ask you will never receive!

Let us take for example the financial industry, where competition is still intense and companies
have literally spent millions of pounds attracting new customers. If for example your bank was to charge you an excessive overdraft fee, what would you do in their position if you threatened to leave for the sake of

At the risk of losing a customer many banks and insurance companies for example may waive any potentially "excessive fees" because they know competition is now so intense that customers can leave at the drop of a hat and how other services available almost immediately. It is the same with any type of business where loyalty is expected and often assumed because at the end of the day this is a two-way relationship and unless businesses are willing to be flexible on certain occasions there will be somebody else offering you a better rate and a better service.