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Money Saving Tips : Students

Cost of University
There is no denying that University can be an expensive time of your life. Unfortunately many will be put off by this and may feel that they simply cannot afford it. It is therefore worth remembering that there is help available via a number of different options...  read more..

Avoiding student debt
For those wanting to enter into further education, it is not only the grades you need to think about but also how you will finance it. Many students are often put off furthering their education at the thought of getting into debt...  read more..

Government support for education
Deciding to enter into full- or part-time further education can be a big decision. Not least because of the amount of money it can take to fund your course. It is not uncommon for many to be put off by these costs and to decide not to go down this path...  read more..

Paying it back
Further education can be a very expensive but worthwhile decision. Many people are often put off at the horror stories regarding tuition fees and the money needed for living and accommodation...  read more..