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Stop smoking and save £££’s a year!

While there are many "no-brainers" in the area of saving money few are as obvious as stopping smoking. It is estimated that the average UK smoker spends upwards of £2000 a year on a product which is widely known to be detrimental to their health. Aside from health issues for smokers themselves there are also wider issues for passive smokers, children in the house and the smell of smoke which often hits you when you walk into a smoker's home.

Even though there are hundreds if not thousands of websites available to help you stop smoking it would be wrong to suggest it is easy but as with any addiction there are ways and means of weaning yourself off the substance. But the fact you could save £2000 a year, improve your health, the health of your family and have enough money to treat yourself to something special must surely be an incentive worth pursuing?

There is also the fact that the UK government has been constantly increasing tax on cigarettes for many years in the hope of reducing the number of young smokers in the country as well as increasing the government's tax take. In the midst of the ongoing economic downturn is now the time for you to look at your smoking habit and the potential savings you could make?