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Is it time to review your life insurance ?

Over the last few years there has been a serious realignment in the pensions and life insurance industry with the revelation that government actuaries appear to have miscalculated the average lifespan of the UK population. While on the surface this may seem good news in the longer term it has impacted on the cost of pensions but more importantly as we now expect to live longer the cost life insurance has reduced. So have you reviewed your life insurance recently?

While there are many of us in the UK who took out life insurance over the last decade or more as part of a mortgage agreement, on the understanding they were the best deals available at the time, does that still ring true?

When taking out a mortgage it can often be convenient to plump for the easiest option and take out the life insurance being offered in conjunction with your mortgage. The regulations have changed of late and customers are now able to shop around and with the marked reduction in premiums over the last few years there may be substantial savings to be made. The online market has also encouraged further pricing pressure in the life insurance industry and now is the time to take professional advice and see if your life insurance package is still as competitive as it was when you took it out.