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Have you considered reducing your tax bill?

While this may seem like a rather strange question to many people, how many of us actually sit down and study our tax returns with the intention of reducing the amount of tax we pay each year? If we are honest the vast majority of us in the UK hand over our taxes without even considering how they could be reduced, deferred or even reclaimed.

Even though the vast majority of tax reduction (not tax evasion) schemes and opportunities may well benefit the higher rate taxpayers in the UK more than most, there are still opportunities for each and every taxpayer to reduce their annual outlay. It is worth considering a visit to your local wealth manager to see exactly what they can do for you both now and in the future and how you can rearrange your investments and personal assets in the most tax efficient manner.

We are not talking about illegal tax evasion, which can result in criminal prosecution, but about efficient management of your investments, income and assets to ensure that not only do you pay the correct amount of tax for your situation but you also ensure that your family do not suffer in the event of your death. While death is a subject which many people try to avoid it is one which is vital in the financial world and one which you ignore at your peril.