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Have you considered a prepaid credit card ?

As much as many of us would like to bin our credit cards they do serve a purpose when looking to acquire goods over the phone, online or services in emergency situations. However, with your plastic to hand it can be easy to overspend and overstretch your budget which many people in the UK have experienced over the last few years and will experience for many years to come. There is also a problem for those with sub-prime credit ratings and the fact that they are likely to be rejected by traditional credit card companies. So what are the options?

When you have been rejected by a traditional credit card company and are looking to introduce more discipline into your credit card spending, it may be worthwhile looking at prepaid credit cards which you "fill up" with funds before you spend. This ensures that you only spend what is on the cards and never increase your debt via this method. There are however charges associated with depositing money on to your prepaid credit cards and it is worthwhile comparing these amongst the ever increasing array of prepaid credit cards now available.

While prepaid credit cards may not be appropriate for everybody there is most definitely a growing market for this more disciplined approach to spending and one which is set to grow in the future.