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Do you really need a monthly contract mobile phone ?

Over recent years the mobile phone has become more of a fashion accessory for many people than a real requirement. However, while there is no doubt that mobile phones are useful, the significant increase in monthly contract mobile phone arrangements has seen many people take up services which they neither use or ultimately have any real interest in. Do you really use the Internet on your mobile phone? How many texts do you send a month? Do you always use up your free minutes?

More and more people in the UK are now looking at returning to pay as you go mobile phones where competition has grown of late and charges are vastly reduced from just a few years ago. Pay as you go mobile phone arrangements offer you the chance to pay for services which you use and not services which you may use. When you consider that many mobile phone bills on monthly contracts may easily be in excess of per month there may, for many people, be substantial savings to be made.

Many people do not realise that monthly contracts are effectively a long-term repayment program for the "free mobile" which you received and very often the services which are on offer, they would not have signed up to on a pay-as-you-go basis. While there are obviously many people who do require monthly contracts and make use of the services available in full, there are a significant number in the UK that are effectively throwing money away each month on the off chance they may use their full entitlement.