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Do you have your general insurance plans with the same provider?

Even though many of us have been taught to shop around for insurance and personal finance needs there is a growing trend towards taking out various insurance policies with the same provider. While placing all of your eggs in one basket can in some instances be risky, there are some major insurance companies in the UK which are very well financed and unlikely to fold. Many of these companies offer substantial discounts if you take out your home, car and for example travel insurance with them. So are you making the best use of the offers available?

As the insurance market, and financial markets in general, move online we have seen some major cost reductions when compared to off-line equivalents. Many people would be surprised to learn the sums of money which can be saved not only with individual insurances but by taking out a number of different insurance plans with one provider. It is now also possible to eliminate certain elements of insurance policies which are perhaps irrelevant or indeed add new elements which may have more relevance to your way of life and family.

It is vital that you take advantage of the cost reductions and greater flexibility in the insurance market and check to see whether your current policies are competitive or better terms are available elsewhere.