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The cost of university

There is no denying that University can be an expensive time of your life. Unfortunately many will be put off by this and may feel that they simply cannot afford it. It is therefore worth remembering that there is help available via a number of different options.

What are the biggest costs?
You will generally find that the biggest costs you will have are tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. The exact costs will vary between Universities and from year to year but you can find these out by contacting the institutions or looking in the prospectus. In the main you will find that University accommodation is the cheapest way of living. Often bills and food will be included in the payment that you make.

Of course, there are also big expenses such as course material, food and bills, if you live out of halls, and going out. It is therefore a wise idea to try and stick to a budget and make sure that you pay your rent and bills first so you know how much you have left.

What help is available?
If you feel that you will struggle to meet these costs then you may be eligible for a student loan. However keep in mind that this will need to be repaid once you have finished your course and are earning over £15,000. This is often the way that the majority of students will fund their education and some may also rely on the help of their parents.

For those poorer students, many Universities now also offer bursaries, scholarships and there are Government grants available for those who require this. These days it is not uncommon for students to take a part-time job during term time to help earn money pay towards their university costs and to provide some spending money for hobbies. Students will also often work during the holidays too for the same reasons.