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Have you considered remortgaging your home?

For the vast majority of the UK population the acquisition of a home will be the largest transaction ever in their lifetime but surprisingly it is one in which many people are less active than they could be. How many people across the UK have taken out a mortgage and left it until it is paid off without even considering remortgaging their home at a low rate or possibly changing the length of their mortgage agreement to suit their financial situation?

As UK base rates head toward 0% we have seen a substantial reduction in UK mortgage rates over the last 12 months. As a consequence there is now a variety of fixed interest mortgage deals available as well as variable rate agreements which may be substantially below the level of your current mortgage. Competition in the sector may not be as intense as it has been but a crackdown on excessive setup charges and various fees has proven very beneficial for UK mortgage customers.

While professional advice should always be taken, there is the opportunity at this moment in time to remortgage your home and significantly reduce rates which should take away growing financial pressure on the UK population. It is also worthwhile reviewing your mortgage arrangements on a regular basis as situations and rates can change.