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Are you claiming all of the benefits that you are entitled to?

Since Labour came into power there has been significant increase in the number of benefits available for a variety of situations and a variety of groups of the population. However, despite heavy promotion and publicity given to an array of benefit arrangements now in place literally hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits go unclaimed each and every year. This is money which many people in the UK are entitled to and are either too embarrassed to claim or do not know about their entitlement.

This money has been put aside on an annual basis to cover the expected benefit applications across the country and in many cases you may be able to claim backdated benefits which could amount to a substantial payment. It is worthwhile taking professional advice with regards to the benefits you may be entitled to and the benefits you may have missed out on in the past. One example where benefits are going unclaimed is in the retirement sector where many older people are either unaware of what they're entitled to, unable to physically apply for the benefits or in some cases too proud.

Let us not forget that the benefit system is funded by taxpayer’s money to which we have all paid in over the years and to which we are all entitled as and when required, if we fulfil the criteria set out by the government.