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Do you have the best utility plans for your situation?

The cost of gas, electric and water is something which continues to dominate the headlines and is likely do so for some time to come. During 2008 there was a massive increase in the cost of utility services across the UK and while there has been a reduction in some areas of late they are still well ahead of the corresponding figures last year. But are you really using the best utility services available to you?

Only a few years ago there was much promotion about utility switching services which have in many situations saved literally hundreds and hundreds of pounds a year. Surprisingly, even though we have seen many people move online there still appears to be a reluctance to even consider moving utility provider and possibly taking all services from one provider. The UK market has changed dramatically over the last decade and where historically for example British Gas may have been the most competitive in the gas market, this is not always the case nowadays. It is now vital, with budgets in the UK becoming more and more stretched, to review your utility needs and utilities charges with professional advisers who can point you in the right direction. Can you really afford to give up literally hundreds of pounds of savings a year?