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Whether we like it or not the vast majority of the UK population will at some time or another be forced to take out personal loans. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people often approach their current bank and sign up to their loan agreements without necessarily thinking about how they could reduce the interest rate charged and additional costs often associated with a loan. There are ways and means of reducing your interest rate and associated charges which you should certainly consider.

The best way to reduce the potential interest charge on a loan is to ask your current bank to match or better any other offer on the market because nine times out of ten they will want to retain your custom and often improve their rates. Let's not forget that your bank has probably spent a significant amount of money in the past attracting you as a customer and the last thing they want to do is lose you for the sake of a few hundred pounds.

Sometimes more is less in the loan market with larger rates often attached to smaller loan deals so in some circumstances it could be worthwhile taking out a few hundred pounds extra to move you to the next level and reduce the interest rate charged. You can always repay the excess which is not required as soon as the agreement is signed and still lock yourself into the lower rate. It is also worthwhile asking your loan provider to reduce or withdraw any potential charges attached to the agreement, as again they will not want to lose your business for the sake of just a few hundred pounds.