Customer Testimonials

“Due to some financial miss management I ended up in debt. Thankfully I found, and through their professional advice I started an IVA and am now debt free. Without the friendly and qualified advisors I spoke to at I may still have been struggling”

“Thank you for your help and advice I was impressed as an IVA was not the best option for me and you took the time to offer alternative methods for clearing my debts”

“My wife and I had run a retail business for over 5 years and I worked part time as a freelance journalist. Business became poor and I was not getting much freelance work. We decided to remortgage the house but eventually had to start borrowing money. Our financial situation became unmanageable. We then found and through their dedicated service decided that an IVA was most suited to our situation. We feel lucky to have been given the chance to start over thanks the professionals who have helped us through this process.”

“I contacted and they advised me on the best method of debt management for me. I managed to keep both my job and house and am working to clear my debts. Without I would surely have had my house repossessed. I cannot thank enough for their invaluable help”

“I cannot believe how I let my debts run my life. I have been able to completely clear these with their help and guidance. I feel like I have been given another chance now, without my financial problems hanging over me. I cannot recommend them enough”

“A fantastic, professional service was provided by this company. They offered me help and support during a stressful time. I have also learnt a lot of life long financial skills to prevent this from happening again”

“ gave me free expert advice and instructions on how to handle my situation. As a result of this service my debt problems are now being resolved and I feel much happier. Thank you!”

“I have nothing but praise for IVA Net. They have offered me concise and relevant information and provided unbiased support with a no-obligation attitude”

“Without and the help they offered me, I do not know what I would have done. I could always find good information and support on your site”

“I found myself with debts exceeding £30,000 and faced loosing my home, job and car. By using the information provided on I understood the options available to me. The advice they gave me has given me another chance at life and enabled me to clear my debts. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in a similar situation”