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Protected Trust Deed Process


The first part of entering into a Protected Trust Deed (PTD) is to compile a list of all the creditors that you have. In that list, include how much you owe and what you can afford to pay each month. 

Your Insolvency Practitioner (IP) will be able to put together the proposal to your creditors. If they accept the proposal then your IP will also help administer the PTD. Once the Trust Deed has been registered as a Protected Trust Deed your lenders will not be able to take any legal action against you and the interest on your debts will now be frozen.

The Protected Trust Deed will only be granted if two thirds or more of the lenders (by value) agree to it.

Before entering into a PTD please take note of the fact that you will likely have to give equity in your home to your creditors. There are still a number of ways to protect your home but the easiest thing you can do is to make your payment each month.

When you enter into a Protected Trust Deed, it means that you have signed a contract to repay your debt, usually at a significantly lower rate. This means that you will agree to the following over the term of the Trust Deed:

  • You will co-operate with your IP.
  • You agree to make your monthly repayments.
  • You will not take any further credit.
  • You will advise your IP of any unexpected changes in your financial circumstances.

Are you eligible for a Protected Trust Deed ?

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