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Assisted IVA


An Assisted IVA is much like a Single IVA in that it is an IVA application where the debts are all under one name. While a husband/wife/partner is not obliged to pay any of their partner's debt, it may give the IVA a better chance of being accepted by creditors if they contribute money to their husband/wife/partner's IVA.

Debts that are owed jointly with two people can also be included in an Assisted IVA.

The criteria for an Assisted IVA is the same as a regular IVA:

  • You must have a debt over £15,000
  • You must have more than two creditors
  • You must be able to offer creditors at least £200/month

If you meet these requirements and want to contribute along with your husband/wife/partner then an Assisted IVA may be right for you.

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