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UK IVA Companies


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IVA Company Names: 'V..'     
Vantis Business Recovery  
Address: 1 Victoria Square, BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, B1 1BD
Main Tel Number:  01372 743 816
Website: www.vantisplc.com
Insolvency Practitioner Tel:  01372 743 816
Varden Nuttall  
Address: Ground Floor Crown House BURY LANCASHIRE BL9 7JR
Main Tel Number:  0870 977 8100
Main Fax Number: 0870 977 8101
Website: www.vardennuttall.co.uk
Insolvency Practitioner Tel:  0870 977 8100
Vernon Wright & Co  
Address: First Floor 40-42 High Street MALDON ESSEX CM9 5PN
Main Tel Number:   01621 855330
Insolvency Practitioner Tel:   01621 855330
Vincent Bond  
Address: Suite 29, Centre 500, 500 Chiswick High Road, LONDON
Main Tel Number:  0208 956 2777
Website: www.vincentbond.com


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