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IVA Information

IVA information is available for you online, and you have come to the very best place to get the most comprehensive and up to date information concerning IVAs.  If you are looking for detailed and easy to read IVA information, then take time to look around our Web site.  The answers you are looking for can all be found here.

An individual voluntary agreement, or IVA, is a legally binding agreement between an individual and their creditors.  It is an agreement to pay a specific part of the debt owed by the end of 5 years.  At that time when the agreed amount is paid for, the complete debt is marked as settled even if the debt paid was a reduced amount.  The IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy as it provides creditors with some of the debt owed and the individual a way to pay the debt that they can and then start fresh at the end of the IVA period.  IVA information concerning the details of how the paid back amount is determined can be found in the IVA Process section of our site.

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In looking for IVA information it is important that you distinguish between sites that are there for strictly informational purposes and those that are appearing to be IVA sites but are really debt management sites.  Sometimes that is hard to do.  Luckily you have found iva.net, for we are the real deal.  We can not only help you find out if you qualify for an IVA, provide you with the correct and current IVA advice, but we can go on to help secure your IVA for you.  We have many years of successful experience helping others obtain IVAs.  To get started in securing an IVA, all at NO COST, check to see if you qualify.  You can use our quick online IVA qualifier or you can call us to talk to a specialist directly.  Let us help you get started to financial recovery today.