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IVA Help

IVA help is available for you should you be having financial difficulty and are considering an alternative to future bankruptcy.  When looking into solutions for your financial difficulties, make sure you are aware that there is a vast difference between what is offered as a debt management plan (DMP) and an individual voluntary agreement (IVA).  The DMP is not binding and an IVA is a secure and legally binding agreement.

In the event that an agreement is binding that means that the creditors cannot change their mind in the middle of your attempt to pay back the debt.  They cannot demand more money in the agreement nor can they seek to add any charges upon the debt being paid.  In an IVA an individual is assured that once the agreement is reached with creditors that it is set and will not be changed.  No harassment is endured during the course of the payment of the IVA until it is paid off.  So seeking IVA help is very different from seeking help through DMP.

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In addition, one must understand that there should be no fees for a valid IVA firm to give you advice or to represent you in obtaining an IVA.  There should be no upfront fees and there should be no hidden fees or charges to an individual seeking IVA help.  Most competent IVA firms will offer you free advice as to whether they believe an IVA is right for your situation and whether or not your creditors would probably accept an IVA from you.  To find out if IVA help is available for you completely without any fee or obligation, contact us today.