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Debt Article | Debt Counselling

Debt Management Counselling

Dealing with debt can be a real minefield. The different options available to you are often confusing and it can be a real task working out just what to do.

Debt Management Counselling is a service offered by companies and organisations, sometimes, for a fee and sometimes for free. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service operates as a charity in the UK, and provides advice and debt management help for people having difficulties.


Typically, the main tool that you’ll use through Debt Management Counselling, is a Debt Management Plan that you’ll create with the help of the counsellor. The counsellor will be able to give you advice about what your various options are for managing and of course ultimately paying your debt off.

Debt Counselling

Handle the debts

The more information you can give the counsellor about your debts the better. This way they can take a good look at what your options are, using this to form the basis of your plan. A Debt Management Counsellor may also be able to give you advice about budgeting your finances in general to best handle your debts.


Once you’ve worked out what amounts you can pay towards the debts each month, the plan will dictate how you should target that money. For example, targeting the debts with the highest interest rates first will cost you less in the long run, as well as helping to get rid of the debts for good. If you have multiple debts, this can quickly become a complicated business, so the help of a professional who specialises in this area can be hugely helpful.


Some companies offering Debt Management services will also mediate between you and your creditors, and you can even pay your funds to them each month and have them decide how best to distribute this as payments towards your debts.

Check fees

Be wary of using the services of companies that charge fees, and if you do use them, make sure you understand how much you’ll be liable to pay, after all a hefty bill is hardly going to help your finances if you’re already having trouble.