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Christian Debt Management

Most of us are so accustomed to the financial culture in which we live that we never really give it much thought. However, many people, some for religious reasons, believe that the very idea of using debt and credit to purchase things is wrong.

Way of life

Christian Debt Management generally works on the basis that living beyond your means is the wrong way to live. As well as putting most of us in a position where we feel like a slave to the debts that we owe, using credit as a tool to buy things in general is often a sign of detachment between what we’re spending and what we’re earning.

Many organisations now offer Christian Debt Management Services, with the range of things offered including consolidation loans, counselling, advice and sometimes mediation services between you and your creditors.


Christian Debt Management seeks to first all of help you to settle your existing debts, and then get into different spending habits that don’t involve relying on credit as part of your normal financial routine.

Naturally the first step in such a process will be to assess and deal with each of your current debts. The best way to go about this will depend on your own personal circumstances, but it may well involve getting a consolidation loan. Many Christian organisations will give you free advice about these decisions.

Once you’ve arrived at the set of debts that you currently owe, you will then be encouraged to target them and pay them off one by one. Often the best way to do this is to target the debts incurring that highest rates of interest first so that you end up paying back the least interest in the long run.


After your debts are dealt with, or at least once you’ve arrived at a coherent plan to pay them off and made a commitment to this, a Christian debt management approach will then turn its attention to your spending.

Christian Debt Management

You’ll be encouraged to stop obtaining any more credit, including for example the use of credit cards. The process of changing your spending habits can be a very hard one to adjust to for many people, so counselling and advice will generally be on hand at a Christian debt management centre.

For the future, you’ll also be helped to learn effective budgeting, so that you can make the most of the funds that you do have available to you without necessarily seeking to acquire more.