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Business Debt | Debt Management

Business Debt Management

If you have a business, effective debt management over time may mean the difference between keeping the business afloat and seeing it go under.


As with any debt, the key is good management. Keeping an accurate record of your debts, together with their associated interest rates is the first step. If you keep accounts for your business, these should help you to keep on top of your outgoings.

If you’re worried about your business debts, start by looking back over your accounts for the most recent past period, looking at your income and expenditure patterns. Use this as the basis for working out what you’re going to be able to pay towards debt each month in the future.


Depending on what your past record is, you may also want to look at setting yourself budgets in terms of expense, for months, weeks and even days depending on your own business situation. Formalising things in this way can help you to get into better financial habits, reducing any outstanding debts steadily over time.


If your business is becoming overwhelmed by debt, seek to target the debts that you need to pay off first, focussing on those with the highest interest rates, as these are the ones that are likely to drain funds from your business in the long term.

Business Debt Management

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Also, try to avoid incurring any more debt where possible, if you’re already worrying about paying the debt that you have currently, don’t increase it unless you cannot avoid it to keep the business going.

Ask for help

There is much advice available for businesses and individuals worried about debt. If things start to look shaky, consult an Insolvency Practitioner for advice about what you can do to avoid bankruptcy.


Obviously it’s best to take whatever preventative measures you can before things get to this stage. One helpful tool worth investing in is debt management, or general financial management, software. If your business has a lot of different transactions coming in and out each month, many of the better programs can save you some serious stress as well as helping you to avoid financial difficulty.