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Council Tax Arrears

You may be struggling with paying your council tax on time and if this is the case then it is important that you contact your local council immediately and let them know what is happening. At this point you may want to come to some arrangement to make your council tax easier to pay.

What happens when you do not pay your council tax?

If you do not pay your Council Tax then the Council can apply for a liability order to the Court. At this point you will be able to attend court and provide them with a reason why you are unable to pay your tax.

What happens if you ignore the Liability Order?

If you do not respond to the Liability Order then action will be taken against you to recover the debt. Often this will either be a deduction of your wages or benefits, or the use of bailiffs to seize your property to sell. You are still able to contact the Council and the bailiffs and try to come up with an alternative agreement. Once the bailiffs become involved you should make sure that you try to sort the matter out as quickly as possible as the bailiffs costs will be added to your existing debt.

If after the bailiffs have been called, your Council Tax still has not been recovered in full then a warrant may be applied to send you to prison.

If the council decides that they will use your wages to cover the debt then they are able to order your employer to deduct an amount from your wages or your benefits. Should this mean that you will struggle with bills etc then they may agree to lower payments.

Are you paying too much

If you are still struggling to make payments then you could see about asking for lower Council Tax payments, or if you could be exempt from paying Council Tax at all.

Should you ever find yourself in this situation then you should contact a professional for help and advice as soon as possible.