Administration Orders

Sometimes you can apply for an Administration Order if you have enough money left over after paying back your creditors each month. This can be accomplished by applying to a county court. An Administration Order allows you to put all your non-priority debts into one affordable monthly payment.

To apply for an Administration Order you must have debts less than £5000 and have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) currently against you. The court will decide a reasonable monthly rate depending on your financial situation. Once the court has agreed on an amount, your creditors cannot take any further action to get money back and the matter will be settled if you pay back that monthly fee.

The Court will take an administering fee of 10% of your payment for handling fees to cover the costs they incur, which means that your whole payment isn’t going to your payments but that doesn’t mean an Administration Order can’t work for you.

How to apply

You can apply for an Administration Order by completing form N92 or by going to your local county court. Please see our list of county courts for one that is convenient for you.

On the form you will be asked to list your current debts, which cannot exceed £5,000. An Administration Order can only be given to individuals. If you have debts with joint and several liabilities, you will be required to include the whole debt. If a couple shares their finances it doesn’t mean they can apply jointly. Unfortunately, with an Administration Order, you will need to apply with separate applications to the court.

Sometimes if a couple ends up making individual order applications at the same time then they can divide the debt equally between the two applications. This could allow you to get an Administration Order when otherwise it would not be possible.

Applying for an Administration Order is free but, as mentioned earlier, you will be required to give the court 10p for every £1 you pay, to cover their costs.

If you are employed then an Attachment of Earnings Order will be made. On your form 'N92', you can specifically request to not fill this out, as many people don’t want their employers to know about their financial problems.


If you are not keeping up with your payments then the court can revoke the Administration Order. This would mean that your creditors would then be able to pursue you for the full amount that you owe.

At any time you can ask the court to review your order and reduce your payments if you are having financial difficulty. Depending on your situation they will either accept or reject this request.


Upon completion of your Administration Order, you can obtain a Certificate of Satisfaction from the court. This certificate will cost you a fee of £10.